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Missing Dogs

Posted on 10/15/19

2 of my dogs have run off. The male is a beagle/pug mix, Mr. Winston light brown and white. The other is a black lab, her name is blue. if you spot please call Al Wuetcher at 216-0563

2019 Trivia Night

Posted on 4/1/19

Posted on 4/1/19

Summer Nanny

Posted on 3/24/18

Hey all! My name is Lauren Thieneman and I am looking for a summer nannying job during the week! I will be 18 in the summer and am a senior at Assumption High School. I can work all day, provide transportation, cook, clean and many others. I have references lined up if necessary and absolutely love working with kids. I work at All About Kids so have a lot of experience and can care for special needs kids as well! Please reach out if interested! My phone number is (502) 396-4225


Posted on: 04/8/18

Hello neighbors! My son attends Christian Academy on English Station Rd. We are looking for a carpool or interested in paying gas money for a high school driver for help with some of the commute. If you are interested or know any families in the area that are, please contact me. Rebecca Matthews 931-2322. Thank you!

Mary Kay

Posted on: 02/18/18

Mary Kay lovers, check out my website and let me know if you need anything. 20% off $50+ right now. Text, call or email me with your order – [email protected] (502)544-6128