Louisville Schools

Attention all parents! This section is one of the most invaluable resources of the neighborhood website! GreatSchools.net is a valuable national provider of school information and is a non-profit entity. Within this section, you may gain important information regarding schools in your community. Simply click on 'School Information' or you may search all schools in the area by entering the city and state in which you reside from the search feature of GreatSchools.net. This section will display contact information, test score data and socioeconomic information for your school. You can also learn of different ways to get involved in your child's education! You will find 'Parent Resources' to be a valuable tool to help you help your child get the most out of their education. Staying involved is the key! Parents, teachers and administrators may also post information about activities, meetings or other events happening at their schools through GreatSchools.net, as well as directly on your neighborhood site by using the 'Submit Local Schools' link below. Come back often to learn about education in the local community!